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Have you had your financial check-up lately?  Take this short quiz to see if your finances are on track.​

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Residents & Fellows

As a resident or fellow, you have unprecedented demands on your time and your money. Decisions you make today, can affect your lifestyle 10 and 20 years into the future; therefore, it is critical you get good advice today—when you can least afford it.

That’s why we waive our annual financial planning fee for physicians who are still in training.


Practicing Physicians

For attending physicians and surgeons—once you have completed your medical training, your financial needs became even more complicated. In today’s environment, there is no room for error in a physician’s finances.


MD Financial Difference


At MD Financial, our process is similar to working with a dermatologist. If you get an ugly growth on your hand, your dermatologist will analyze your situation, run some labs and maybe even do a biopsy. Then she provides you with a diagnosis and a health treatment plan just for you. You are free to have your doctor remove the growth or take your treatment plan to any other dermatologist.


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